Founded in 2012 by Jonathan Clay, Luxury Clothing supports it’s clients to develop exceptional tailored garments for ready to wear collections, core stock programs and high end Made to Measure. With offices in London Milan & Paris, Luxury Clothing accompanies each client to achieve the signature  product they require, starting from the pattern, either developing from scratch  or using existing blocks, to selecting the right canvas to fine tuning  each model and finally the  creation of a collection.

Starting from just the bare bones of the company to developing into a business with a €3m annual turnover Clay has used his expert knowledge of tailoring – having been born into the industry with his father being one of the prominent figures in the Chester Barrie factory and later MD of d’Avenza  – design awareness, attention to detail and acute awareness of market needs to be able to offer a service his clients rely on. Luxury Clothing has become a key supplier to many leading tailoring brands throughout Europe. Brands that rely and trust in the service that Jonathan and his team provide.